PUHS (Better Than) Geek Squad
PUHS Technology

At our school district, we strive to make sure every student has the tools and resources they need to succeed. Therefore, our technology department offers every student a ChromeBook or laptop that they can use throughout the school year. Chromebooks are distributed K-11th grades and 12th grade gets laptops to allow knowledge of more functionalities towards success even after graduating.

Our network has quality security and is regularly maintained. We offer our tech support to students and staff and strive to make sure everything works how it is intended to.

In addition to providing quality technology to our schools, we also offer courses in the middle school and high school levels. Python Coding and Introduction to Computers are a couple of courses that we currently offer. These courses will allow our students to thrive in this constantly changing technology era.

If you have any questions or concerns about our technology, please feel free to contact Daniel Codding or Yari Cortez by emailing info@psd0620.org