A Note From Our Superintendent

Ladies and Gentlemen of Patagonia School Districts,

We are excited to have you on our website. If you are looking at this you may have a student in the school, be moving into the area, or are just interested in what we offer. Patagonia may be a small school in rural Arizona, but it boasts some of the most outstanding educational opportunities in the area. We currently offer up to 30 college credits with our dual credit program. We also offer 3 different options for CTED certifications. Whether students are college bound or set for the real world after attending Patagonia, they will be prepared for many situations. We are always looking to expand both of our programs so if you are interested in teaching these types of courses please contact me.

Our entire staff is top-notch talent! PreK-12 we have the best faculty anywhere in the state. 80% of our faculty has a Master's degree or higher, our office staff works great together, our cafeteria has the best food in 4 counties, our grounds crew keeps our campus looking fresh, our bus drivers follow all of the rules of the road, our maintenance and janitorial departments keep the campus so fresh and so clean, and our IT super geeks puts the Best Buy folks to shame. I may be a little biased, but our school provides students with the learning environment they need to thrive. We create multi-talented individuals prepared to pursue their potential and contribute to a complex world.

K-12 we are a Data-Driven Instruction school that ensures that your student will show growth every year. If you have a student in the school make sure that you check out the parent portal under District Information at the bottom of the drop-down. In that section, you can read about our Formative Assessments and Benchmark Assessments. You can also view the Beyond Textbooks Parent Portal which will show you which standard your student is learning at any given moment. This is, however, just a guide that your child’s teacher is using and they may actually be moving more slowly, or more quickly, than the calendar based on the students’ achievement. If you want to see what is really going on in class you can select the Weekly Lesson Plans tab on the left-hand side of the page. Then choose your students' grade level, subject, quarter, and the week of that quarter and you will be able to see a basic rundown of what's being covered. This can help you if your student needs any assistance at home. The more involved you are with your students' education, the more success they will have.

Also do not forget the PowerSchool link. You can log on and see your students' progress on assignments throughout the year. If you are struggling to gain access, please contact Joy Quiroga, our school’s Registrar, to help set up your account.

If you have an issue, suggestion, or comment, do not hesitate to contact me. During the work day I have an open door policy. My cell phone number is (520) 508-5136, if you would like to call and set up a time.. Do not forget to show up and support our MS and HS athletic programs, their schedules can also be found on this website.

Superintendent Kenneth Hayes