Child Find

PES #6 & PUHS #20 offer Child Find screening to locate, identify, and evaluate all children who may have a disability. If you know a child who has a disability or one you suspect may have difficulty with learning, communication, vision, hearing, behavior, or motor control and coordination, please contact the special education department at your local public school district or the charter school the student attends.

PES #6 & PUHS #20 screen children from preschool through high school. We refer infants and toddlers with disabilities to the Arizona Early Intervention Program for evaluation and services. All Child Find referrals are considered confidential and services are provided at no cost to the family.

Child Find Screenings are available the third Wednesday of every month at the Patagonia Public Schools. Please contact the Special Education Office at 520-394-3000 Ext. 3001 or, to schedule a screening.

For more information concerning Child Find screening, contact Ann Gortarez, Special Education Director.

Special Education Staff